Robert Parker (Justin Hunt) drives home from another boring day at the office, lost in his own little world. It seems like just another dayfor him… until he arrives and sees his wife (Casey Calvert) speaking to a mysterious and fashionable older woman (Nina Hartley).

Robert’s eyes are drawn to the woman, entranced by the vision of beauty, wisdom, and grace before him. The mature woman is baskedin the golden glow of the sunset behind her, standing tall as a confident, powerful woman. Yet, as he stares, unable to take his eyes off her, he can’t help but to feel as though he knows her from somewhere…

He steps out of the car as his wife greets him, wanting him to meet their new neighbor. He stands before the mystery woman, whoseeyes are hidden behind her shades. He asks if he knows her from somewhere and the woman pulls of her shades, tossing her golden hair. ‘Bobby Parker, what did you do with your homework THIS time?’ she says in a light, scolding tone.

Robert is stunned, unable to believe that this is his old third-grade teacher, Miss Fitz-Williams. This is not the woman he remembers. No,she’s gotten even sexier with age. She easily ensnares him with her pale eyes and sultry smile. He’s intimidated by her, but also aroused,his heart pounding louder in his chest — and louder still as Casey invites Miss Fitz-Williams in for dinner.

Over dinner and well into the evening, Robert is torn. As they reminiscence about their youth, he’s distracted by Miss Fitz-Williams. Eventhough she is being nothing but polite and charming, her presence is all-consuming and Robert can barely take his eyes off her. It doesn’t help that Miss Fitz-Williams affectionately touches his arm at times while innocently sharing stories. He’s sure that she’s seducing him, her years of experience making it so subtle it’s almost subliminal.

The evening seems to stretch on forever, then almost as if in the blink of an eye, it’s time for Miss Fitz-Williams to go home.

Robert is a little relieved since that means he’s been able to fight his lust. However, he wasn’t expecting his wife to suggest that he walks her home. How could he be anything but a perfect gentleman? With his coat over Miss Fitz-Williams’ shoulders, they leave, walking home in silence. While Robert looks conflicted, barely holding it all in, Miss Fitz-Williams is calm and exudes confidence. She isa woman that knows what she wants, which is irresistible to Robert.

When they arrive at Miss Fitz-Williams’ home and wait on the steps, Robert tells her that she’s welcome to come over any time and not to hesitate to ask if she needs anything.

‘Anything?’ Miss Fitz-Williams demures as she tugs on Robert’s tie, entrapping him in her sensual gaze. Robert is hooked, feebly trying to resist, but is no match for her charm. With little hesitation, he follows her into the house, giving in.

Robert submits to Miss Fitz-Williams, taking his cues from her once he’s in the bedroom. She clearly knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. She lavishes his cock with attention, then climbs on for the ride of Robert’s life. Robert is stunned by her prowess and can think of nothing else but bringing the ravishing Miss Fitz-Williams to the height of ecstasy.