Just a few months ago my world was turned upside down when my dad left my stepmom, Ariel. I heard them fighting, daddy was furious and embarrassed that Ariel cheated on him with his own secretary. Ariel cried, apologized, and fell to her knees. I saw a different side to my father that day, and I believe I saw his true character. When he told me to pack my shit, I laid on the floor consoling my stepmother instead. To hell with him. I wanted to live with my stepmom.

I don’t want you to think that life is all roses and sunshine with my stepmom. I love her but she has some serious flaws. She’s super religious and disapproves of my deviant lifestyle– I’m a lesbian. Isn’t that like ‘the pot calling the kettle black?’ I never told her that I know her secret. I know it would crush her and now is just not the time to cause her anymore pain. Oh yeah, speaking of pain– mom has been a royal pain. She wants me to change majors because an art degree won’t make money. She also struggles to pay the mortgage but redecorates the entire house. Just when I was going to call my step-aunt for an intervention, I see her sitting in our kitchen with my stepmom having coffee and cookies.

My step-aunt, Penny Barber, is quite possibly the coolest woman on the entire fucking planet! She’s fun, she’s wild, and oh yeah– one time we kissed, and she taught me how to make myself cum. I waited for an opportunity to be alone with her, just me and her, and this time will be different. I will kiss her back. I will take off her skinny jeans and panties, I will please her back! I will. I will!
Watch the story unfold..


AllHerLuv, MissaX





Published: August 1, 2020

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