So we got this tape from wayyyy up North, and decided to give it a look. To our surprise it’s pretty fucking good. This chick is super hot, has a banging body and is obviously super slutty cause she’s down for a little tag team 2 on 1 once she realizes there’s another dude in the room. These fuckers got away with taping her.. this girl obviously isn’t the smartest, but she sure is nice to look at!!

This scene took place up in the Northwest at some shitty community college I will not name but I mean the girl is good looking and amateur sex is amateur sex! The name of this scene is Tag Team Three Way and its basically just three college students a tripod and a dorm bunk. I wonder if it was the girl who suggest they do a threesome and submit it to College Rules. I mean it has to be because all guys think a threesome is Girl / Girl / Guy this is a train or man talk.


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Published: September 20, 2018

Duration: 0:32:26
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