FamilyManipulation – I Want You and Your Friend To Fuck Me! – Aaliyah Hadid, Tara Ashley, Tyler Steel

My sister and her hot friend have no idea I’m hiding in the closet – I was looking through sis’s underwear drawer when I heard them come in so I had to hide!! But then something interesting happened…

So you’ve never kissed a girl before?

No… have you?

No, maybe we should give it a try? Only if you want to, I’ve been kind of curious about it recently.

Me to! But you go first…

My sister and her friend take turns playing with each other, both discovering another woman’s body for the first time. They go from kissing to licking nipples and before you know it, they are eating each other out!! This is so hot, I had to record them going back and forth on each other.

It wasn’t long before they found out I was spying on them, but I wanted in on the action! I showed them the video and sis acted exactly how I thought she would!

You have to delete that now!!

Fine I’ll delete it, but I want you to keep playing for me..

Gross no you’re my brother!!

-I pull out my rock hard cock and her friends eyes lit up!!-

Come on, I know you want a taste of this. I can tell your friend likes what she sees…

Just get out and delete the video!

Sorry sis, the only way I’m deleting this video is if you and your friend fuck me!

-Her friend wraps her hand around my cock-

Maybe it’s not that bad Tara, I mean your brother does have a nice dick…

Fine.. But if you tell anyone about this, I WILL kick your ass bro!!

Watch my sister and her big titted friend suck me off and ride me just to keep their secret! Sis loves the way her friends pussy juices taste off of my dick. I stack them on top of each other and go from one pussy to the other and back again till I feel like I’m about to explode. They crawl over to me and take my huge load across both of their faces!!