GirlsDoPorn – E261 19 Years Old Energetic Brunette – Bella Foels

This hot 19 year old brunette is finish up school to do energy healing and after this Girls Do Porn update I believe it, she brings sexual energy to the table and puts that perfect tight body of hers to work as she sucks cock and gets fucked for us!

This teen brunette is quite a doozie…she just graduated from beauty school and is getting ready to do work in energy healing and clairvoyant work, not to be confused as psychics or tarot readers who don’t know how to read energy or anything real, so I guess this girl is fairly open-minded. I don’t know if it’s her physical sensitivity or what but this girl doesn’t seem nervous even a little bit which is kind of unusual for girls showing up on Girls Do Porn for their very first adult video. Nice long dark hair, great tits, she’s got an edge to her, all the pieces of fucking sexy as hell come together in this chick! She is undeniably sexy as hell, if you run into a girl like this in your late teens and early twenties consider yourself lucky for having an amazing life experience because there is no doubt she’ll be teaching you a few things. The lack of nervousness actually works out really well for this girl because she’s so relaxed and natural in front of the camera it’s kind of mesmerizing, you feel like you actually get to know her a bit before the clothes come off and she gets fucked which makes it even hotter! You can’t top Girls Do Porn for the hotness of the amateur chicks they bring in to do a hardcore scene, it always turns out spectacular and this girl is definitely not an exception to that, especially with that perfect tight ass of hers.

If you’re curious why I gave this update the title Energetic Brunette it’s not really because this chick goes all out crazycakea in the hotel room and has wild monkeysex off the walls or whatever, it’s because she’s graduating school soon and is planning to get into Energy Healing…so, she’s a new age type of girl with an open mind and there’s nothing sexier than an open mind if you ask me! Especially if the girl in question has a body a tenth as hot as this Girls Do Porn chick has…man oh man, that ass is something else. Her perky titties are winners too, and she shows off every inch of that body in this, her very first adult video as she sucks the guy’s cock like a champ and gets fucked in one of the hottest updates in a good long while!