…and by chimney, yes, we do mean ASS! 🤯 Today’s special 🎄 Holiday Scene (the 1st of 2 gifts 🎁🎁 that you’ll be getting this XXXmas) features the lovely Brittany Andrews making her return appearance to play the role of Mrs. Claus 🤶 our gift to BrickZilla this holiday season. After BrickZilla unwraps his gift, he lubes up 💧 Brittany’s ginormous breasts 🍈🍈 and supple ass 🍑 Brittany then gets on her knees for an up-close look at what BrickZilla is packing, which we all know is a 📏 13-inch gift for her! Brittany sucks and slobbers on BrickZilla’s dick 🤤 eats his ass 👅🍑 and since they’re all slicked up, you might as well fuck those big ole’ titties! BrickZilla then goes down on Brittany to sample her MILF clit 😽 and get those juices flowing before he puts that big dick in. But that’s all fine and dandy, because we know what you want, and before you know it, BrickZilla is sliding that thick black dick into her asshole! 😱 Brittany takes damn near all 13 inches up her ass in a number of positions, including on her side, reverse cowgirl, piledriver, and finally doggystyle. And seeing as it’s the holiday season, what better way to finish than with a nice anal creampie 🥧 Of course, we caught up with the 2 Naughty List members in the shower to see how things went…

Like we said, this is your 1st XXXmas gift from us. You’ll get a special teaser gift on XXXmas Eve, followed by another brand-new Holiday scene on XXXmas Day. Until then, as always: Stay Safe! 😷


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Published: January 4, 2021

Duration: 0:43:41
Views: 1.39K

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