Ava (Casey Calvert) has made love to her husband’s best friend. The business is done and she feels so ashamed for enjoying it as much as she did. It feels so confusing. She doesn’t know if her husband truly loves her, how could he if he was so eager to pass her along like a fuck doll to his best friend?
Ava sits down with her husband Drew (Codey Steele), and his best friend Dan (Michael Vegas). She tells them that she made a mistake. Dan is very understanding and Drew is confused. “You said you liked it? You said you came?!” Ava looks at him with hurtful eyes. Dan breaks the tension, he asks, “what turns you on? Do you have any secret fantasies?” Ava tells the story about how she often touches herself to a fantasy of several men taking her, one after the other. The men aren’t rough, but loving, they care about her pleasure. They cum inside her, one after the other, and she orgasms right along with them. She looks at her husband and their mutual friend, she knows that the two of them want to satisfy her fantasy. Her panties get wet from the idea of it.
Watch the story unfold..




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Published: January 6, 2021

Duration: 0:46:49
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