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GirlsDoPorn – E227 21 Years Old

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GirlsDoPorn – E228 18 Years Old – Adrienne Sweebe

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Adrienne Sweebe returns to Girls Do Porn in E235.

GirlsDoPorn – E541 22 Years Old Hot Tanned Brunette

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It's that time again...we've got a super hot amateur girl here ready to shoot her very first adult video and we can't wait to see her get into it! This chick is 22 years old working at a tanning salon and is going to ...

GirlsDoPorn – E540 22 Year Old Leggy Psych Major – Rosanna Cypriano

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This girl is cute, she's got a big ol smile, and she's got big sexy titties! She's here to make her very first adult video and is ready and rarin' to go...she's a 22 year old college student studying psychology so she...

GirlsDoPorn – E539 18 Years Old Stacked Blonde Teen

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This beautiful stacked blonde is ready to shoot her very first adult video and she looks nervous as hell but she looks absolutely gorgeous in her little black dress! This 18 year old knockout is all gussied up looking...

GirlsDoPorn – E538 18 Years Old Sexy Slender Eighteen

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Beautiful Brunette In Striped Dress Slender, leggy, and hot as hell...that sums up this 18 year old brunette knockout in a nutshell; she just turned 18 like a week before this shoot and she's excited to make her very...

GirlsDoPorn – E537 23 Years Old Hot Ebony Spinner In Blue

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If you're into super cute black amateur chicks getting naked and making their very first adult video, this 23 year old hottie is gonna be right up your alley! She needs the money to pay for some student loans, she's a...

GirlsDoPorn – E536 18 Years Old Gorgeous Asian High Schooler Returns

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Look who's back! It's the gorgeous Asian high schooler from maybe a month or so ago...she had a great time her first time around and she decided to come on back to make her second adult video here on Girls Do Porn! Th...

GirlsDoPorn – E535 20 Years Old Auburn Haired Hottie

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This giggly auburn haired hottie is here to shoot her very first adult video and she's feeling pretty good about it...she's super cute and has a nice tight little body, doesn't work or go to school right now but she w...

GirlsDoPorn – E534 23 Years Old Gorgeous Blonde In White Returns

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It's only been about a month since this super hot blonde (not in white this time but I wanted to make sure you're thinking of the right girl) came here to make her very first adult video but she just couldn't wait any...

GirlsDoPorn – E533 21 Years Old Hot Blonde Business Major

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This stunning blonde is here to make her very first adult video and she's nervous and excited...which I guess are really the same emotion seen from a different viewpoint am I right? Anyway she's 21 years old and goes ...

GirlsDoPorn – E532 18 Years Old Gorgeous Asian High Schooler

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This girl has JUST turned 18 like a week and a half ago and she's graduating from High School pretty soon, and is here to make her very first adult video! This girl is a super cute Asian with a quiet shy voice and has...

GirlsDoPorn – E531 22 Years Old Big Tits Latina

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Get ready for magic because this smokin hot Latina babe is ready to shoot her very first adult video...or as she puts it, "a little fun film"! She's a bit shy and nervous but is excited too and so are we, because righ...

GirlsDoPorn – E530 23 Years Old Cute Shy Hairdresser

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I've got another super hot amateur chick here for you today who is making her very first adult video and is ready to roll! She's a cute 23 year old hairdresser who is going to school for a fashion degree so she defini...

GirlsDoPorn – E529 23 Years Old Sexy Cocktail Waitress

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This super cute Latina is ready to shoot her very first adult video and she's mighty excited...and not as nervous as many of the girls who show up to make their first porn, which is nice! She's a 23 year old cocktail ...

GirlsDoPorn – E528 23 Years Old Sexy Realtor – Ana Rose

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Check out this sexy blonde, she's a 23 year old amateur who's ready to make her very first adult video...she's been dancing to try and make ends meet so she definitely knows how to use that wicked hot body of hers, an...