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Vixen – Truth Or Dare – Emily Willis, Scarlit Scandal, Oliver Flynn

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It's a lazy summer afternoon and roommates Scarlit, Emily, and Oliver are hanging out by the pool. Emily has a crush on Oliver but is too shy to do anything about it. To hook them up, Scarlit initiates a game of truth...

Vixen – Taking Control – Little Caprice, Christian Clay

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Caprice lives the life she always wanted. But with new luxury, inevitably comes to new standards. Her husband is possessive and always makes her wait around for him. She's finally reached her breaking point and takes ...

Vixen – Being Competitive – Emelie Crystal, Christian Clay

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Emelie is at a volleyball retreat with some of her college friends. She has a massive crush on the instructor but keeps it to herself. After a night of fun and gossip, Emelie arranges a day trip of shopping for the ne...

Vixen – Tennis – Adira Allure, Oliver Flynn

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Adira is spoiled daddy's girl through and through. When she sees something she wants, she has to have it no questions asked. Her father's intern has caught her eye, therefore she must have. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – You Know My Wife – Athena Palomino, Vicki Chase, Mick Blue

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Athena gets invited over to Mick’s house for drinks and is told to dress nicely. When she arrives, she sees his wife there and she gets nervous. Mick tells her to calm down and they join his wife for drinks. Turns out...

Vixen – Sharing – Addie Andrews, Cayenne Klein, Alberto Blanco

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Cayenne and Addie are best friends on vacation in the Caribbean. They rent an amazing oceanside villa and live out their lives with no strings attached. When they meet their private surfing instructor, they're both in...

Vixen – Perfect Pair – Ivy Wolfe, Zoey Taylor

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Ivy and Zoey are so much more than friends - and after a day on the ocean, they return to their idyllic retreat to enjoy each other's company to the extreme. Directed By: Nick Farrell.

Vixen – Why We Travel – Jessie Saint, Kiara Cole, Johnny Castle

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Kiara and Jessie, best friends since forever, have a bad habit when they travel together - they love to seduce married men. Every time they rent a place to stay, they make sure it's at some rich family's house. Direct...

Vixen – Share – Liya Silver, Christian Clay, Alberto Blanco

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Liya is looking to have a vacation like no other. She's met two different guys and has had amazing sexual experiences with both. On her last day, she realizes she wants them both at the same time. Directed By: Julia G...

Vixen – Welcome To Paradise – Teanna Trump, Vicki Chase

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Deliciously sexy in their holiday bikinis, Teanna and Vicki simply can't hide their attraction to each other as they walk along the sand. When they reach their room, they take no time at all in enjoying every inch of ...

Vixen – Cards Dealt – Scarlit Scandal, Alex Legend

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Scarlit is tired of her famous older brother cock blocking her constantly. She's always being watched and feels like a prisoner in her own home. Until one day, she has to plan to work with the cards she's been dealt w...

Vixen – Relationship Goals – Alina Lopez, Avery Cristy, Mick Blue

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Alina and Avery are in a menage-a-trois with mick. Lately, he's been so buried in his work, it's starting to seem like Alina and Avery are just a couple. One lazy afternoon, they decide to pull the drifting mick back ...

Vixen – Unforgettable – Jia Lissa, Lacy Lennon, Alberto Blanco

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The key to a perfect holiday for Jia and Lacy is making unforgettable memories - and the best memory to make is one with a stranger that you will never see again, and this vacation is no exception. Directed By: Julia ...

Vixen – All That Glitters – Teanna Trump, Oliver Flynn

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Teanna is an influencer on a meteoric rise. She recently moved to la to further her career and wants to capitalize on the event. She's arranged a promotional photoshoot with a popular photographer and is looking to ha...

Vixen – Two Or Nothing – Naomi Swann, Kenna James, Mick Blue

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Kenna's man is jealous of Naomi, but Kenna has a plan to ensure this doesn't continue. Although she is basically dating them both, he knew that it would never be exclusive - but now that has become a problem. It's tim...

Vixen – Sugar Daddy – Emily Willis, Gianna Dior, Chris Diamond

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Emily and Gianna model for a living and are having the best time. They love the best of everything, and their sugar daddy ensures they get everything they want 24/7. The condition is that they are his, and only his. T...

Vixen – Spoiled Rotten – Nia Nacci, Sasha Rose, Christian Clay

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Nia and Sasha are two troublemakers meeting at a spa retreat for the first time. When bored by everything they have to offer, they team up and have a little fun. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Silver Linings – Liya Silver, Alberto Blanco

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Some people are intimated by Liya's lifestyle. She is beautiful - living the life she loves - and loving the life she lives... Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Rekindling – Avi Love, Savannah Sixx, Chad White

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Savannah has been invited by her friend Avi to stay with her and her boyfriend Chad for the weekend. Avi and Chad are both attracted to Savannah, and now that she's single, they want to fuck her. Directed By: Derek Do...

Vixen – Meeting New People – Evelyn Claire, Misha Cross, Alberto Blanco

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Eveline is backpacking across South America as a college graduation present to herself before she has to settle into the real world. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Material Woman – Valentina Nappi, Alex Jones

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Valentina has everything she could ever want. As a mega-rich fashion executive, the material world is hers for the taking. In her free time, she loves to wine and dine with her long list of boy toys. Alex is one of he...

Vixen – Pure Excitement – Avery Cristy, Alberto Blanco

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Avery is on vacation with a friend and her boyfriend. She's always had a crush on him and decides to take a chance with an invitation to a secluded waterfall. While she waits for him, she decides to enjoy the scenery....

Vixen – This Whole Time – Skylar Vox, Oliver Flynn

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Skylar and Oliver have been friends forever. One lazy rich kids afternoon, Skylar realizes that maybe they should be more than friends. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Swinging – Angel Emily, Alberto Blanco

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Angel and her husband are a swinger couple on vacation with Alberto and Cayenne, friends who are interested in the lifestyle but not completely sold on it. After a day of fun, Angel's husband sees an opportunity to wi...

Vixen – Not Holding Back – Sky Pierce, Mick Blue

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Sky is at a crossroads. She's about to finish grad school and is engaged. But she has some doubts about where her life is headed. She's always had a crush on a professor she works for, and at the end of the semester, ...

Vixen – Open Minds Think Alike – Georgia Jones, Vika Lita, Christian Clay

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Georgia and Vika Lita are visiting some beautiful waterfalls to take some photographs - but after meeting Christian, the snaps they take to remember their visit turn out to be much more than just memorable. Directed B...

Vixen – My Secret Place – Romy Indy, Alberto Blanco

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Romy, a local to French Polynesia, loves the slower tourist seasons as she gets to enjoy the beautiful landscapes to herself. Every once in awhile, however, there's an exception. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Affair With Her Boss – Zoe Bloom, Mick Blue

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Zoe is having an affair with her boss. While she loves the fun of it all, she's starting to want more. When she's about to confront her boss about it, he surprises her with some hope. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

Vixen – Graduation – Scarlett Bloom, Kira Noir, Oliver Flynn

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It's graduation time and Nia and Scarlett are looking to celebrate in a big way. With his parents gone for graduation weekend, Oliver decides to have a little extra fun at his house. Fortunately, mia and Scarlett are ...

Vixen – Take A Chance – Gabbie Carter, Mick Blue

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Gabbie knows that fantasies should stay just that - fantasies. But she has the chance to realise one of her own. When her BFF's parents divorced and she moved to LA, Gabbie has missed her - but on a visit to see her s...

Vixen – Grateful – Kyler Quinn, Mick Blue

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Kyler is a student living with a real-estate mogul. In exchange for her living at his house for free, all she has to do is some light housekeeping and help him with some day-to-day stuff. He's never around though, and...

Vixen – The Thrill Of Getting Caught – Baby Nicols, Alberto Blanco

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Baby and Alberto are thrill-seekers and exhibitionists. Any chance they have to do something dirty in a situation where they will be caught, they take it. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Sex With A Stranger – Dana Wolf, Mick Blue

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Dana is in LA for a few days for a job interview. After she's done, she reflects on a fantasy she's always held - sex with a stranger. When she sees someone from her building playing pool by himself in the courtyard, ...

Vixen – Choices – Angelika Grays, Alberto Blanco

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Alberto is a bartender in Ibiza. One night, Angelika and he messed around a bit but stopped because she's married. After seeing him in town one day, the lust comes back. When her husband is distracted, she goes to him...

Vixen – Treat Me Right – Ellie Eilish, Mick Blue

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Billie is a small-town girl going to college in la. In her first year, she met an older man while she was waiting tables at a high-end restaurant and they've been together ever since. While he takes care of her financ...

Vixen – Give In – Lexi Belle, Alberto Blanco

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Lexi keeps running into Alberto throughout her trip to Ibiza. Instead of playing it off as mere coincidence, she decides to lean into it. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – Better Together – Emily Willis, Little Caprice, Apolonia Lapiedra, Alberto Blanco

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Apolonia and Alberto love to seduce tourists together. Summer is their prime cruising season, and it's an embarrassment of riches at the beach. Not being able to decide on one, they split up and seduce two different w...

Vixen – Body Warmth – Sybil, Lika Star, Christian Clay

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Sybil is able to turn a rainy day into a fun one for her best friend Lika on their last day of vacation. Directed By: Julia Grandi.

Vixen – No Time To Unpack – Vikalita, Alberto Blanco

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Vika and Alberto are in Ibiza for one reason and one reason only - romance. The second they land, they find a car, hit the road and soak in all the beautiful island has to offer.

Vixen – Let Me In – Jia Lissa, Oxana Chic, Alberto Blanco

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Jia is a photographer that travels the world. When in Greece she is approached by a couple wanting to revisit all the areas they visited a year earlier when they got engaged. Jia can't help but be drawn into their lov...

Vixen – Travelling Together – Kenna James, Christian Clay

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A couple of weeks before a month-long euro trip, Kenna and her boyfriend break up. Not wanting to waste her trip, a friend recommends setting up a few dates ahead of the trip. Kenna has always been attracted to older ...

Vixen – Vivid Imagination – Georgia Jones, Mick Blue

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Georgia is an expert model with a unique talent. When on shoots she's able to draw from her vivid imagination to put her in the right head-space. On her latest boudoir inspired shoot, her imagination runs a little wild.

Vixen – Check Them Out – Naomi Swann, Ariana Marie, Tiffany Tatum, Alberto Blanco

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Ariana and Naomi love to travel together. Whenever they go abroad, they really like to get naughty. Usually, they'll share a guy or girl they find hot, but for the first time, they're interested in a couple.

Vixen – Can’t Resist – Lacy Lennon, Mick Blue

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Lacey is dating an older guy, but it's not what you think. She's not in it for the money, she's in it for the experience. She wants to be fucked good, and mick delivers this time and time again. If it was up to her th...

Vixen – Are You Enjoying The View? – Lexi Dona, Alexis Crystal, Alberto Blanco

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Lexi and Alexis are on vacation and living life. They're best friends and a little more, welcoming anything that might spark their collective interests along the way. One guest, in particular, catches their attention ...

Vixen – A Club VXN Vacation 2 – Skye Blue, Christian Clay

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Skye is on vacation when she gets a message from club vixen. Her date is only a couple of hours away, does that mean the guy is staying at the hotel? To pass the time, she tries to figure out who he is and when she's ...

Vixen – Romantics – Oxana Chic, Alberto Blanco

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Oxana and Alberto have been dating for a couple of years and now are ready to take their relationship to the next level. On a perfect vacation together, waiting for the perfect moment, Alberto proposes to Oxana with a...

Vixen – Something To Look Forward To – Mia Melano, Stacy Cruz, Alberto Blanco

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The local rich french guy giving a tour of the countryside to two tourists to seduce them. It's their last day on holiday and they want to do something crazy. Opens a bottle of rose there and things escalate.