In The House Sitter Janice Griffith gets fucked by her daddy’s friend while looking after the house of family friend Mick while he goes on holiday. Mick tells her she can do whatever she wants but not to touch his expensive things. Janice can’t help herself and as soon as he leaves she goes through his expensive things. This gets her horny and she starts to rub her tight pussy. Mick comes home to pick something up and interrupts her. Janice is terrified that he will tell her parents. Janice will do anything to get away with this. She pulls out Mick’s cock and sucks his dick. Mick then fucks Janice on the couch pulling apart her tiny ass as he stretches her little pussy. Mick blows all over Janice’s beautiful tits and then takes a call from his wife while the naughty little house sitter lies beneath him.

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