Park Ranger: Not What You Think He Is

Aspiring cat burglar Cadence Lux, along with her partner in crime, Lydia Black, plan on robbing an empty cabin in the woods of its valuables to help pay their college tuition, but not before a lezzie makeout session and a run-in with a creepy park ranger who warns them not defile his woods. Unfortunately, the two extreme teen sex maniacs get separated and Lydia disappears. Poor Cadence becomes desperately lost and it’s getting dark. Luckily, she finds a cabin with the lights on and to her surprise, Ranger Brick opens the door, and despite their earlier hostilities, he agrees to help, he even allows Cadence to take a shower. When the ranger finds burglary tools in Cadence’s backpack, however, he regrets his hospitality… but not as much as Cadence will! In order to avoid arrest and expulsion from college, Cadence has to make a deal with the ranger fast! She agrees to her new master’s terms, and in a flash, her wrists are bound with rope and her sex slave training begins. No humiliation is spared as Ranger Brick face fucks the pretty blonde and makes her give him a hot, sloppy, deepthroat blowjob. Hard and fast fingerfucking, and hard slapping and spanking of her most delicate areas. Rocking and loud rough sex from beginning to end and a big load for cadences eyes and mouth. Karma’s a bitch, huh Cadence